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A statistical review of CIDA's food security theme 2008/09 to 2010/11 /




As we shall see below the annual funding for Ghana and Ethiopia from the Geographic Branch currently comes close to this amount of $169, which is intended for three years! Examining trends in CIDA’s Food Security Strategy disbursements This Briefing Paper provides a statistical overview of trends in CIDA’s disbursements related to its Food Security Strategy, based on data provided in CIDA historic [...] The reference point for the analysis is disbursements in the 2008/09 fiscal year, the year prior to the announcement of the Strategy. [...] Therefore a more accurate measure of the importance of the food security theme for CIDA is the proportion of disbursement for this theme compared to total CIDA program resources (Table 1). [...] Distribution of CIDA Food Security Disbursements by Sector Code %age of %age of %age of %age of Year Food Total Basic Total Total Emergency Total Million Agriculture Aid/Food Food Nutrition Food Food Food Aid Food Cdn $ Security Security Security Security Security 2005/06 $167.9 39.9% $65.2 15.5% $19.2 4.6% $168.6 40.1% 2007/08 $208.4 46.9% $109.4 24.6% $22.0 4.9% $104.8 23.6% 2008/09 $240.9 39.4% [...] Since 2008/09 and the initiation of the food security strategy, the share of disbursements for long term investments in agriculture have increased from 39% in 2008/09 to close to 49% in 2010/11.



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