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A focus on addictions and mental health




WHAT WE DID AND WHY Why we reviewed addictions and mental health planning in the IHSPs The purpose of this review of the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) integrated health service plans (IHSP) is to assess the extent to which these plans address addiction and mental health issues. [...] In the 7 LHINs where mental health and addictions were identified as priorities, the IHSPs tended to describe a vision for the addiction and mental health system and indicate what aspects of the system they would focus on. [...] Addictions Ontario, the Canadian Mental Health Association Ontario, the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, and the Ontario Federation of Community Mental Health and Addictions Programs are committed to maintaining a presence provincially and to supporting a strong local voice. [...] Addressing Critical Success Factors for Addiction and Mental Health The broader social determinants of health are not discussed in the context of mental health and addictions, although in other parts of the plan, appropriate housing is recognized as a critical component of the health system, and action is planned to ensure that it is available. [...] Planning Process The plan was developed with minimal connection with the mental health and addiction network, although the network is strong and organized, includes consumer representation and had a history of working closely with the District Health Council, prior to the creation of the LHINs.


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