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A chance too good to waste




May 2010 Backgrounder A Chance too Good to Waste The Case for Climate Action at Canada’s G8 and G20 Summits by Clare Demerse tense talks, and the unprecedented direct involvement of world leaders, last Decem- At a Glance ber’s Copenhagen negotiations failed to At the June G8 and G20 summits, the reach a binding agreement. [...] While Canada is 3 For example, the Copenhagen Accord recognizes President of the G8 for 2010, it is South Korea that “the scientific view that the increase in global tem- chairs the G20 for 2010, so Canada’s role in June is as perature should be below 2 degrees Celsius.” The Ac- “host” of the meeting. [...] A Chance too Good to Waste The Pembina Institute — will ultimately be needed to protect peo- ! The Adaptation Fund (AF) — In 2008, coun- ple, livelihoods and ecosystems in develop- tries agreed to operationalize a new fund ing countries from the impacts of global under the Kyoto Protocol. [...] A Chance too Good to Waste The Pembina Institute The good news is that reducing fossil fuel ority item at the Cancun climate summit, subsidies is already part of the G20’s man- which is scheduled to run from November date this year: the 2009 Pittsburgh G20 lead- 29 to December 10, 2010.14 G20 countries ers’ summit agreed to phase out “inefficient can help reach a successful outcome in Mex- fossil [...] But it’s the leaders of was recently proposed by IMF staff in a “po- the richest countries who bear the greatest sition note”)13 or through a tax on financial responsibility for the emissions now in the transactions.



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