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2008-2009 summative evaluation of the Joint Emergency Preparedness Program (JEPP) : 2008-2009 évaluation sommative du Programme conjoint de protection civile (PCPC) : version définitive




Stakeholders should be engaged for a number of reasons including: • To ensure that the program office is fully informed about the current state of emergency management at the provincial/territorial and municipal levels and the options available to improve emergency preparedness so that it [the program office] can provide the best investment advice and make the best investment decisions; • To share [...] Consideration should be given to: • Differences in size and financial capabilities of provinces/territories and municipalities influencing the types of tasks that are executed at provincial/territorial or federal level; • Differences in the complexity and risk of projects influencing the level of administrative burden as well as where the final authority resides to recommend the project or claim f [...] Although the ratio is negotiated on an application by application basis and depends on the specifics of the project and the funds available, the usual ratio for JEPP funds is 50 percent federal and 50 percent provincial/territorial. [...] The program does allow the federal government to influence emergency preparedness at the local level and to ensure there is a level of consistency of emergency management capacity and capability across the country There is considerable evidence of significant program reach and uptake. [...] Program documentation lends itself to the perception that the cost-sharing of projects is between the federal and provincial governments (see: for example, the Introduction to the JEPP Manual).


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