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A review of Alberta Health Services physician credentialing & practice privileging for pathology & radiology / : Physician credentialing & practice privileging for pathology & radiology




The process whereby a practitioner’s formal qualifications are validated and reviewed against This review followed on the heels of a review of established standards (for example, those of the the licensing of all radiologists and pathologists in Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Canada). [...] Kendel was CLINICAL PRIVILEGES directed to review the scope of practice currently undertaken by each radiologist and pathologist to The delineation of the procedures that may be ascertain if any of these physicians are practicing performed by a practitioner; the sites of clinical beyond the scope authorized by AHS and/or the activity in which a practitioner may perform CPSA. [...] The safety and quality of the services AHS uses the following definitions with respect to delivered by such systems depends, in part, upon the process for regulating physician activity within the appropriate deployment of this diverse pool of its facilities and programs. [...] All of the data essential to the completion AHS offices in Calgary to review data and interact of that review were accessible through the CPSA’s with staff at the CMO and Medical Affairs offices. [...] GRANTING OF CLINICAL PRIVILEGES Section 3.0.2 of the AHS Bylaws makes it clear that MEDICAL STAFF APPOINTMENTS WITH AHS a practitioner is not entitled to perform procedures Sections 3.1.1 of the AHS Bylaws stipulate: or treat patients by virtue of being a member of the “Appointment to the Medical Staff is not a right.



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