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10 Years of Advocacy Representative’s Report Card




The best interests of children and youth are at the heart of our work and are the predominant consideration in providing advocacy support and monitoring the responsiveness, effectiveness and impact of the child- and youth-serving system. [...] Annual Report 2015/16 and Service Plan 2016/17 to 2017/18 19 Office of the Representative for Children and Youth Accountability The Representative for Children and Youth is an Officer of the Legislature appointed by the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia on the unanimous recommendation of a Special Committee. [...] The Representative meets regularly with the SSCCY, and the committee provides a public forum for discussion of all reports of the Representative for Children and Youth and other activities of her Office. [...] The Annual Report and Service Plan are combined within one document and describe the work undertaken by the Representative and the attainment of identified performance measures over the past fiscal year, and outline the goals and strategic priorities and performance measures for the current and coming fiscal years. [...] The Representative is a member of two important, ongoing collaborative bodies: • The Children’s Forum – Established in 2007 under the leadership of the Representative for Children and Youth in response to a recommendation of the Hughes Review, the Forum is a collaboration between MCFD and the Chief Coroner, the Ombudsperson, the Public Guardian and Trustee, the Provincial Health Officer and the Re


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