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A Human Rights Response to Discrimination and Violence against Indigenous Women in Canada




Report of the Aboriginal Justice Inquiry of on Canadian officials to address the marginalisation Manitoba: The Deaths of Helen Betty Osborne and of Indigenous women in Canadian society and to John Joseph Harper, Commissioners A. C. Hamilton ensure that the rights and safety of Indigenous people and C. M. Sinclair, 1991. [...] This discrimination regions of Canada that Amnesty International did not has played out in policies and practices that have have the opportunity to visit in the course of this helped put Indigenous women in harm’s way and in research and as a result many specific experiences, the failure to provide Indigenous women the such as those of Inuit and other northern Indigenous protection from violence t [...] The concept of social services for the victims of violence; education human rights is based on the recognition of the and training programs for all those involved in the inherent dignity and worth of every human being. [...] The almost universally ratified United Peoples, seek to clarify the specific measures needed Nations Convention on the Rights on the Children to ensure the protection and fulfillment of the rights establishes as an overarching principle that “in all of Indigenous peoples. [...] Cloaked by argue that there has been inadequate redress for the society’s indifference to the fate of these children, loss of culture and identity and the intergenerational individual staff carried out horrendous acts of impacts of all the forms of abuse suffered in the physical and sexual abuse.38 Summarizing the history schools.


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