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A treaty among ourselves : AFN Renewal Commission report of recommendations 2005




Through the constitutional processes of the 1980s, through the 1990s and the recent period of modern Treaty-making and Supreme Court decisions such as Guerin, Simon, Sparrow, Delgamuukw, to the present day, the Assembly of First Nations has demonstrated its commitment to work and walk with First Nations to uphold and assert Aboriginal rights, Treaty rights, and rights of self-determi- nation and s [...] Most recently, the AFN provided leadership in lay- ing out the foundation for the next stage in the restoration of our Treaty and constitutional rights and relationships, with the signing in May 2005 of the his- toric First Nations – Federal Crown Political Accord on the Recognition and Implementation of First Nation Governments. [...] In the past two decades, the personal and professional relationships between the National Chief, the Ministers of the Crown, and senior AFN and federal officials have played a significant role in the successes, failures of and attitudes toward the AFN. [...] It is the view of this Commission that ways must be found to diffuse the destabilizing effect that personality and individual relationships have on the effectiveness of the Office of National Chief, the Assembly and ultimately, the First Nation relationship with the Crown. [...] In the Commission’s view, the future is one in which the AFN continually renews itself in response to the gradual progression of First Nations through the The Vision is one in which nation-building continuum and the establishment of a “critical mass” of self-reliant, self-governing Nations.


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