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A methodological framework for caribou action planning in support of the Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement




The financial support of the Ivey, Pew and Hewlett Foundations, the Nature Conservancy, the Forest Prod- ucts Association of Canada (FPAC), and Natural Resources Canada were essential to the negotiation and implementation of the agreement. [...] The CBFA has developed other guidance on a number of matters identified in the CAP-MF, including: a. Guidance on the management of other species of concern (Boreal Priority Species), and how management objectives for these species may interact with caribou conservation planning; and b. The Protected Areas Methodological Framework (PA-MF) 3. The CBFA has developed other guidance on a number of matt [...] For example, will the caribou action plan be designed as a stand-alone product, sufficient to meet the needs of caribou in the absence of any action on Goal 2? Or, will the caribou action plan assume that caribou needs will only be met once Goal 2 planning is complete, and protected areas are added to a suite of caribou management actions? [...] If it is not possible to concurrently achieve these objectives in the short to mid-term, a “social choice” can be made to depart from the goal of concurrently achieving both low ecological risk and low socio-economic risk as follows: 1. The choice needs to be made within the context of a commitment to ensure the objectives are achieved as quickly as possible; 2. The choice needs to be informed by [...] Recommendations for Provincial and territorial governments are the primary population management measures may be made for authority for caribou management and monitoring in completeness and to highlight the need to pass these Canada, with federal government involvement reflecting recommendations along to the government agency the legal designation of boreal caribou as threatened responsible for po



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