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A recovery action plan for northern caribou herds in north-central British Columbia




A recovery action plan for recovery of caribou (Rangifer tarandus caribou) in north-central British Columbia is presented. This plan represents work completed by a technical team in support of the Northern Caribou Recovery Implementation Group for North-central British Columbia (henceforth the RIG). Work focussed on operational definitions for survival and recovery habitats using a habitat supply model called the Caribou Habitat Assessment and Supply Estimator. Successive applications of this model were conducted to estimate a range of likely habitat values for five seasonal ranges across four planning areas using simulations of assumed natural disturbance under unmanaged conditions. Results were used as a baseline reference point to set context for subsequent development of herd-specific recovery actions. Theoretical potential values for seasonal ranges were also calculated, plotted as maps, and used as a second reference point to further the recovery context.


environment wildlife management natural resources ecology reindeer british columbia rangifer tarandus caribou boreal woodland caribou woodland caribou migratory woodland caribou moose mountains gray wolf sockeye salmon lichen north-central british columbia marbled murrelet habitat threats risk of predation species at risk recovery actions habitat supply modelling