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It depends who's working" : Ça dépend de qui est en poste : la réalité vécue par les jeunes au Centre de jeunes Roy McMurtry




As the independent voice for children and youth in or on the margins of “ What is it like to live here?” was the first of many questions asked of government care in Ontario, the Advocate’s O#ce responds to calls like youth at RMYC when the Advocate’s O#ce be"an its formal review of these eve!$ day, working with young people to elevate their voices and RMYC in March 2011. [...] Roy McMu!t!" Youth Centre: Repo!t by the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth / page 9 Introduction &e Provincial Advocate It was a few weeks a"er the much-heralded Roy McMurtry Youth Centre (RMYC) opened for Children and Youth is in 2009 that the O#ce of the Provincial Advocate for Children and Youth (Advocate’s an independent voice for O#ce) began to receive calls from youth about safety a [...] The links between these factors and youth violence and crime are well documented; Ontario’s comprehensive report, The Review of the Roots of Violence (2008), states: page 26 What has happened since the 2011 Review Over the summer of 2012, there were a number of serious incidents of violence In the fall of 2011, the Ministry provided province-wide training in Relationship at RMYC, described in furt [...] Stephen de Groot, a clinical and organizational consultant specializing Children and Youth Services to discuss the violence and related concerns and in the development and implementation of strengths-based interventions, the need for intervention. [...] Stating staff “will respect the you to provide the best possible support and guidance”.15 (This training was rights of youth” and “ensure the entitlements and dignity of youth are safe- provided in addition to the training referred to in RMYC’s 2010 RMYC Action guarded and upheld,” the memo also described examples of unacceptable Plan Achievements report.) staff behaviour, including threatening be


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