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A coordinated approach to HIV and Hepatitis C research in Atlantic Canada : Feasibility workshop for an Atlantic regional HIV and Hepatitis C social and behavioral studies unit




This response was envisioned to include encouraging research teams to apply for funding and to determine the feasibility of a sustainable mechanism to enhance research collaboration around HIV and Hep C in the region. [...] Six specific objectives were set: 1) to bring together a group of HIV and Hep C community- and university- based researchers; 2) to discuss the current gaps in HIV and Hep C research in the Atlantic Region; 3) to promote a coordinated, multidisciplinary and regional response to HIV and Hep C research; 4) to encourage research teams to apply for regional and national funding; 5) to determine the fe [...] CIHR and Hep C / HIV Research Priorities Bruce Moor, Assistant Director of the Institute of Infection and Immunity (III) from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) then set the stage for the workshop with a presentation on CIHR’s Hep C and HIV Research Priorities. [...] It is not comprehensive of every nuance and discussion that occurred, but hopefully captures the intensity and flavour of the workshop and the wealth of expertise and sharing that took place. [...] The ultimate indicator of the workshop’s success will be what happens in HIV and Hep C research in the Atlantic region over the next few months and years.



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