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A results-based logic model for primary health care




These presentations were participatory to allow an array of stakeholders the opportunity to voice assump- tions and expectations of primary health care and renewal efforts, to test the robustness and validity of the logic model in describing the activities and intended outcomes of various reform strategies, and to create a shared understanding of expectations of this health services sector. [...] By com- Efficiency and effectiveness of the PHC sector parison, the effectiveness of a single product or service An important aspect of the results-based logic model is delivered by a provider is a function of that output and the the differentiation between areas of control and areas of outcome attained by the individual who received it. [...] Appropriateness of tween the health of providers and high quality care,66 place is measured by whether the patient’s condition and the work life of health care workers is important because the services required for care match the setting in which human resources are a key health system input. [...] Improved level and distribution of population health and wellness Contexts, inputs and activities Two-thirds of Canadians indicate that the most important • Policy/governance, health care management and goal of the health care system should be to enhance the.


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