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2006 Aboriginal population profile for Thompson : Profil de la population autochtone de 2006 pour Thompson




Statistics Canada 5 2006 Aboriginal Population Profile for Thompson Introduction This report examines the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the Aboriginal population living in the census agglomeration (CA) of Thompson.1 The 2006 Census and 2006 Aboriginal Peoples Survey (APS), which provide an extensive set of data about Aboriginal people, are the data sources. [...] The census agglomeration of Thompson, with 4,930 Aboriginal people, had the largest proportion of Aboriginal people of any city in Canada in 2006. [...] By comparison, the census metropolitan area (CMA) of Winnipeg had the largest number of Aboriginal people (68,380) of any city in Canada, with the Aboriginal population representing 10% of that CMA’s total population. [...] In 2006, the median age3 of the Aboriginal population in Thompson was 21 years, compared to 35 years for the non- Aboriginal population. [...] For example, 14% of Aboriginal adults 35 years of age and older were attending school in 2006, compared to 6% of non-Aboriginal adults in the same age group (see table 3 in the appendix).4 The 2006 Aboriginal Peoples Survey found that among the Aboriginal population in Manitoba (excluding reserves), men and women had different reasons for not completing high school.


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