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2016 Census Strategy Project : Projet de la stratégie du Recensement de 2016 : rapport sur les utilisations et les exigences relatives aux données




The input received from data users over the summer and fall of 2011 as part of the 2016 Census Strategy Project confirmed the critical role played by the Census Program in delivering information on a range of topics, with over 800 uses of Census Program data reported.3 First and foremost, population counts produced by the Census Program are required explicitly by numerous pieces of legislation, me [...] The official languages content is an example where there is an explicit legislative requirement for the use of census data for specific language variables where it is stated in subparagraph 3(a)(ii) that the method of estimating the "English or French linguistic minority population" is on the basis of "after the results of the 1991 census of population are published, the most recent decennial cens [...] The objective of the project was to study options and deliver a recommendation on the methodology of the 2016 Census Program to the federal government early enough in 2012 to allow sufficient time for the planning, development, testing and implementation of the 2016 Census Program methodology, and very importantly, the approval of funding for the planning and development phase. [...] The first wave, held early in the summer of 2011, focused on the data uses and requirements of government users, specifically the federal government funding partners,8 as well as Elections Canada and Status of Women Canada, who are important federal government users of Census Program information (see Appendix A for the full list of departments and agencies that were asked to participate), the prov [...] The Government of Alberta draws on Census Program data for many uses, including the determination of per capita funding under the Municipal Government Act and for input to the Labour Market Information reports which support understanding of the needs of Albertans.



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