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A garbage can model of multilateral negotiation




The model is used to un- derstand, first, how the democracy issue found its way onto the OAS agenda, and eventually made its way to the top of the hemispheric agenda at the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City in April 2001, and, second, how the Charter became the preferred outcome for a critical mass of participants in the multilateral negotiation process. [...] In fact, the multilateral negotiations that resulted in the adoption of the Charter on Sep- tember 11 followed a circuitous route from the Santiago Commitment in 1991 through the Wash- ington Protocol in 1992 to OAS meetings in Washington and Windsor in 2000 and the Summit of the Americas in Quebec City in 2001, with additional stops in Barbados and Costa Rica en route to the final act in Lima. [...] Our task here is to take these events and actions out of the context of the particular, and to frame them, instead, in the context of the multilateral negotiation process that character- ized the evolution of the Charter idea over roughly a decade. [...] Pickering was the US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, number three in the chain of command in the State Department, and his decision to head the American delegation in Windsor reflected the serious- ness with which the United States viewed the situation in Peru.16 Canadian Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy was chairing the meeting, and he was concerned that failure by the OAS to act o [...] He traced the evolution of the Charter idea from Resolution 1080 through the Washington Protocol to Resolution 1753, and called on the assembly “to strengthen the OAS’s institutional resources to protect and deepen democracy and the rule of law” through the development and adoption of the proposed Charter.



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