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A New Canadian Partnership




Delegates to the Confederation conferences agreed to allocate strong economic powers to the Dominion Parliament and drafted the document with the expectation that the union would soon expand beyond the four original provinces. [...] That nagging doubt helped propel the negotiations for the original Agreement on Internal Trade (1995), the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (2017), and the agenda of the recent meeting of first ministers. [...] The cost of interprovincial barriers to alcohol and the supply-managed commodities is small relative to the size of Canada’s economy. [...] Between now and the Alberta election, supporters of a stronger Canadian common market should make a list of areas where these six provinces can agree to harness the potential of the current opportunity that exists across Canada, and be prepared to take advantage of it. [...] ONE MARKET United We Trade 11 © 2 0 1 9. A T L A N T I C. I N S T I T U T E. F O R. M A R K E T. S T U D I E S A. N E W. C A N A D I A N. P A R T N E R S H I P That move would ensure there could be no backsliding in freeing the beer, the wine, and the rest of the liquor store.


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