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A New North Star




Among the Public Policy Forum’s five major areas of concentration are the economic and social determinants of growth, policy-making in an age of disruption, and the future of work. [...] Edward Greenspon President & CEO, Public Policy Forum SUMMARY OF POLICY CONSIDERATIONS THE OLD CLASSICS THE NEW INTANGIBLES SUSTAINABLE HUMANS The enabling environment of competitiveness The global ‘intangibles’ economy is driven by data and Human capital is the bridge between the intangibles includes levers such as taxation, regulation intellectual property, and is notable for the meteoric and ta [...] The tangibles economy and the intangibles economy share an interest in the development and deployment of human capital. [...] We need really than the production economy and that, therefore, smart thinkers and brilliant economists the conceptualization of the role of government and digging into all of these questions. [...] One solution is to set out a long-term economic vision that can serve as the government’s “north star.” A clear set of long-term objectives can inform individual policy choices and reforms, and keep policy-makers on track in the face of the inevitable pressures of unexpected developments or the political cycle.


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