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A case management approach to support services for people living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs)




At the same time, while there are numerous process measures of the number of people served and type of assistance requested, there is little formal documentation of the outcomes of these services on PHAs’ quality of life, reported un-met needs, and use of all other societal resources. [...] The case manager works with the client to assess and prioritize the range and mix of their challenges and strengths in the areas of daily living, housing, finances, social supports, vocation, health, leisure or meaningful activity. [...] It consists of questions about the respondent’s use of categories of direct health services/primary care, emergency room, specialists, hospital episodes 10 A Case Management Approach to Support Services for People Living with HIV/AIDS (PHAs): Assessing the Effectiveness and Costs and days (irrespective of episode), use of other health and social professionals, and laboratory services. [...] To calculate annual utilization measures, the various spans of time are extended to yield an annual rate of utilization per category of health and social service and multiplied by the 2001 dollar value of the service to yield a measure of costs of health and social services. [...] The baseline mean coping behaviour and MOS-HIV quality of life scores of completers were the middle of the range and statistically similar to non-completers.


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