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532 nm KTP laser for vocal fold surgery




We estimated the procedure cost of KTP laser therapy in the outpatient clinic and the operating room for vocal fold surgery and compared it with the costs of the CO2 laser currently employed at the MUHC. [...] The purchasing and maintenance cost of the KTP laser, and the cost of disposable components (Endostat Fiber) were obtained from AMS Canada Inc.7 We used MUHC surveillance data from the Department of Finance for the estimate of the cost of OR, recovery room and outpatient clinic (primarily personnel cost and supplies)8. [...] If 22 of the 60 procedures were carried out in the clinic instead of in the operating room the net cost of the change from CO2 laser to KTP laser would be approximately zero. [...] Assuming a total of 60 procedures per year, and assuming that with the use of KTP 30 of these could be carried out in the outpatient clinic, the cost per procedure using the CO2 and KTP instruments would be $1,865 and $1,652, respectively.



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