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10 years 'equator principles' : Ten years 'equator principles' : a critical economic-ethical analysis




A. Introductory Remarks On June 4th 2013, the Equator Principles Association celebrated the formal launch of the third generation of the Equator Principles (EP III) and at the same time the tenth anniversary of the Equator Principles – enough reasons for evaluating the Equator Principles initiative from an economic ethics and business ethics perspectives. [...] The remainder of the paper is structured as follows: The first chapter defines the term Equator Principles and introduces the keywords related to the Equator Principles framework. [...] In April 2008, the Equator Principles Secretariat got established followed by the formal establishment of the Equator Principles Association and the launch of the Governance Rules in July 2010.29 Both steps contributed immensely to the (enhanced) formalization and institutionalization of the Equator Principles and its public visibility. [...] The management level consists of the Steering Committee which is responsible for the coordination of the administration, management and further advancement of the Equator Principles on behalf of EPFIs. [...] Among the members of the Steering Committee, one EPFI is elected as Chair of the Steering Committee who functions as the speaker and provides coordination across the Steering Committee, the other member of the institutions, and the working groups.



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