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A return to ANC in Spryfield




Ariella used an open space the data helped clarify what the themes could be, discussion model to gather key words and phrases and the visioning meeting gave us the chance to that answered the question of what people would ask if we’d gotten them right.” like to do with a film. [...] The videos will be ready by the end of April and will pose four questions: Between February and the end of April, “What happened to the rivers?” (environment), ANC staff will guide these newly formed Action “Do schools make people or people make Teams through the process of crafting a communi- schools?” (education), “Who are the people of cations plan and vision. [...] Toward the end of its first 14 months of Partnerships were the central focus of operation, Action for Neighbourhood Change ANC activity in Spryfield during the first year of made available $80,000 in grants to each of the operation. [...] The site dents of the Greystone housing complex to create will provide easy access to services and busi- a garden which will be established and maintained nesses in Spryfield, along with assistance in by the residents. [...] This resident- locally and will entice other residents of the Halifax driven project will utilize the expertise of the region to shop in Spryfield.



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