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A matter of time




While the woman is waiting capacity of the SCA to provide services, for an appointment, a number of tasks A Matter of Time 9 occur internally at the cancer centre that Based on the priority of the wait list moves the woman forward on a wait list. [...] The “New Patient Slot to sort the charts by the type of treatment Report” lists all of the oncologists and that the patient requires and the urgency their available appointment slots for each of the matter. [...] State at the Time of Our Review Recommendation 3 (repeated) The lack of a functioning e-health system to link the two cancer centres at the time The SCA merge its two wait lists to one of the review was viewed by SCA staff as provincial list that is centrally managed being responsible for a number of the and supported. [...] Effective Communication The expectation of the SCA is that the community doctor will discuss all treatment The primary issue raised in the original options directly with the patient and that 2009 complaint to Ombudsman these options will include a referral to Saskatchewan involved a lack of one of the SCA’s cancer centres or out- information and effective communication of-province depending on the [...] Section 10: The Complexity of Accessing Care Changes Made Ombudsman Saskatchewan did identify at the SCA Since one issue with respect to the environment that directly impacted the Agency’s ability This Review to fully understand and address issues concerning the wait lists, the management of the lists, and ultimately a woman’s Progress Since Our Review access to cancer treatment.


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