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2008 Contraband Tobacco Enforcement Strategy : Stratégie de lutte contre le tabac de contrebande du 2008 : rapport sur l'examen prévu au programme




There was a sharp increase in the amount of files opened and in the payment of fines during the implementation of the Strategy. [...] These actions have the dual goal of impeding the illicit flow of tobacco and weakening organized crime groups involved in the production, distribution, smuggling, and trafficking of contraband tobacco.vii The central role played by organized crime in the contraband tobacco trade in Canada means that this illegal activity is inextricably linked to other kinds of crime; most of the organized crime g [...] Thus, the CTES must reach beyond Canada’s borders.x Recognizing the need for additional enforcement measures, the Government of Canada launched the RCMP’s CTES in May 2008, with the aim of reducing both the availability of and the demand for contraband tobacco nationwide while supporting government health objectives. [...] By targeting criminal organizations involved in the illicit tobacco trade, the RCMP is also contributing to maintaining the economic integrity of the country • Aboriginal Communities: By targeting the organized crime networks which are exploiting First Nations territories, the RCMP is contributing to safer and healthier Aboriginal communities.xi Given the tobacco environment at the time, the creat [...] Referred to as the CFSEU-CTI, the team’s primary mandate, through the combination of federal, provincial and municipal law-enforcement resources, under the leadership of the RCMP and within one unit, is to target organized crime organizations involved in the cross-border smuggling, purchase and sale of contraband tobacco.



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