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It takes a village to raise a child : Education futures in the troubled 'village' of British Columbia




But it need not have been—there could have been much greater analysis and discussion of existing literature, promotion and funding of collaboration between organizations, and an avoidance of linking some of the potentially exciting aspects of the Plan to dubious contractual changes to teachers’ PD, performance, and evaluation. [...] Returning to the original analogy, the village needs work but there is a substantial base of expertise on which we can build to improve teaching and learning, and to change the current antagonistic and unproductive climate of the province’s education system. [...] Much of the decline in trust in this millennium to date can be accounted for by the desire of government to cut costs and to isolate the BCTF. [...] Chan, Fisher, and Rubenson (2007) stated the following, well before the College of Teachers was replaced with the Teacher Regulation Branch, and prior to the recent acrimonious round of bargaining: We argue that the types and quantities of legislation since May, 2001, when the Liberal government took power, have been designed, in part, to undermine the BCTF and to deprofessionalize teachers. [...] The problem is that their work, and the work of many other BC researchers and PD leaders, is not being connected in the nebulous, glossy, and superficial evolution of the Plan to date.



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