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A pan-Canadian perspective on the professional knowledge base of learning disabilities




Since education in Canada is completely a provincial and territorial jurisdiction, the authors were interested in exploring commonalities of educational policy and standards of knowledge among the professionals charged with responding to the needs of these students. [...] The Canadian context The Learning Disabilities Association of Canada 3. While educational policies, practices and definitions of exceptionalities in Canada are completely provincial and territorial jurisdictions, the rights of these students are protected by common case law and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. [...] He notes that "among the provinces, a number of different operational definitions are currently in use" (p.199) and that in the absence of federal law to regulate educational practice, the Learning Disabilities Association of Canada (LDAC) has played a crucial role in leading the field. [...] Given that the findings of the PACFOLD study contextualized the reality of Canadians with LD, the researchers sought to begin an exploration of the knowledge base in LD of professionals working with these students. [...] Specifically, the The Learning Disabilities Association of Canada 6 objective was to ascertain the minimal training requirements specific to LD for educators and psychologists and the existence of policy to guide both assessment and accommodation.



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