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A road map for invasive plant research in BC : Road map for invasive plant research in British Columbia




It was prepared by the Invasive Plant Council of BC with the support of the Research and Development Committee and other collaborators and contributors. [...] The priority objectives to improve fundamental knowledge of • Document and quantify the losses and costs from invasive invasive plants are: plants for different sectors of society, including urban, • Identify the biological, ecological, and genetic traits rural, and First Nations communities. [...] Support for invasive plant 7.1 Searchable Database management helps to improve early detection, reduce spread, support management programs, and generally The British Columbia Invasive Plant Research Database is reduce the widespread impacts of invasive plants in many web-based and accessible via the Invasive Plant Council of ways. [...] Numbers and Topics of Invasive Plant Communication 8. Project Resources Products and Projects Relating to British Columbia (from the British Columbia Invasive Plant Research Database as of One of the purposes of the Invasive Plant Council of BC is March 25, 2009) to “fund research relating to invasive species and make this available to the public.” The Council’s role is to coordinate Communication


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