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A community wind energy program for New Brunswick : Programme d'énergie éolienne communautaire pour le Nouveau-Brunswick




All proponents interested in the development of a community wind farm must validate the financial scenarios on the basis of the economic and financial markets in general and the wind energy industry in particular at the time of the project. [...] However, the vast majority of the issues identified were relevant to the concept of community wind energy, thus providing solid information for the research team to identify the main concerns and desire of the population of New Brunswick and the stakeholders of community wind energy. [...] In regards to the eligible majority owners of a community wind energy project, the following provides details on the potential elements and restrictions in the structure of the ownership of the community wind farms. [...] Sensitivity analysis has shown that the main factors affecting the economics of a community wind project include the cost for the installation of the wind farm, the capacity factor of the wind farm and the interest rate for the debt financing. [...] Furthermore, if the retail price of electricity increases at a rate higher than 2 %, which is the indexation of the price of electricity from community wind farms, the incremental cost of the Community Wind Energy Program will reduce and could eventually reduce the rate of increase of the price of electricity for the ratepayers.



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