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A literature review and annotated bibliography on aspects of Aboriginal child welfare in Canada




This literature review is one product of many based upon the collaborative agreements and efforts of the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society of Canada through the First Nations Research Site, the Centre of Excellence for Child Welfare, the Faculties of Social Work of the Universities of Manitoba and Toronto as well as the Child Welfare League of Canada. [...] The following sections explore a variety The challenge ahead for all Canadians is to of issues from the history of Canadian social reconcile with the past, to learn from the past policy controls directed at the “civilization,” and to build a foundation for a respectful and Christianization and assimilationist aspects of honourable future for all of our children. [...] Residential schools denied children Fournier & Crey further speculate that it is the opportunity to learn the traditions of their 17 A Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography on Aspects of Aboriginal Child Welfare in Canada peoples, thus disrupting the intergenerational The changes and breakdown to First relationships and the passage of traditional Nations families began with the colonization [...] Fournier and Crey also noted The children apprehended as a result of the something bizarre in the child welfare practices new policy were the offspring of parents who of the government which appeared to them to had attended and endured residential schools be a holdover from the residential school days: and because of their residential experience it was decided that Aboriginal children could some w [...] For the first time, in a formal extended family in the lives of children that were Statement of Reconciliation accompanying subsequently destroyed by the collective well- the announcement of Gathering Strength, meaning actions of social workers in the child the government expressed regret for the past welfare systems of this country?



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