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A review of Canadian data sources and catch records for squid (spp.) in the northeast Pacific Ocean




Numbers 1-900 in this series were issued as Manuscript Reports (Biological Series) of the Biological Board of Canada, and subsequent to 1937 when the name of the Board was changed by the Act of Parliament, as Manuscript Reports (Biological Series) of the Fisheries Research Board of Canada. [...] These species are managed by the North Pacific Fisheries Commission (NPFC) according to the Convention on the Conservation and Management of High Seas Fisheries Resources of the North Pacific Ocean. [...] This species is found from as far south as California in the North Pacific to the Gulf of Alaska and west to the Okhotsk Sea and Sea of Japan (Bernard, 1980). [...] For the most part, the results of the WAVES search were accounted for in the results of the search of the individual DFO reports. [...] The title at the top of each page states “Catch of squid for the Korean flying squid gillnet fishery in the North Pacific Ocean”.


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