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Aboriginal households : Ménages autochtones




Further information on the impact of the misclassification is available at introduction Aboriginal households are predominantly urban, although less urban than non-Aboriginal households This sixth Highlight of CMHC’s 2001 Census Housing Series examines Of the 396,100 Aboriginal households in Canada in 2001, 73,300 the housing conditions of [...] However, accounting for 4.4% of all Aboriginal households in 2001, had the while only a marginal percentage of non-Aboriginal households lowest ownership rate and the highest overall incidence of core lived in housing that failed to meet the suitability or adequacy housing need (see Table 5). [...] In contrast, Métis households, standards in 2001, a significantly higher percentage of Aboriginal comprising 43.1% of all Aboriginal households, had the highest households occupied housing that was crowded or in need of ownership rates and the lowest incidence of core housing need. [...] However, the adequacy and suitability of Growth in the number of Aboriginal households housing on reserve can be examined, and using household on reserves incomes, the percentage of households living in housing below The number of on-reserve Aboriginal households increased by 24.1% standards and unable to afford acceptable housing can also be from 1996 to 2001, well below the rate of growth for Ab [...] Source: CMHC (census-based housing indicators and data) 16 Appendix Table 4: Change in the Number of Households and Incidence of Core Housing Need Among Aboriginal and Non-Aborginal Households Living Outside Reserves - Canada, Provinces, and Territories, 1996 and 2001 Total Owner Renter Change in Incidence of Change in Incidence of Change in Incidence of Number of Core Housing Number of Core Housi



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