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A review of the support provided by Veterans Affairs Canada through its Long-Term Care Program / : Examen du soutien accordé par Anciens Combattants Canada dans le cadre de son Programme de soins de longue durée




CHrOnIC CArE refers to services required to meet a need for “. personal care and diagnostic, nursing and therapeutic services provided by a health professional on a continuing basis, where the person is chronically ill or has a functional disability and the acute phase of the illness or disability has ended, whether or not the status of the illness or disability is unstable.”7 This is a level of c [...] Specifically, a review of the Veterans Independence Program, as well as a review of federal and provincial services available to Veterans in need of assisted living, will complete the continuum of care as offered by the Department and will offer a snapshot of the administration of these benefits and programs. [...] A Prisoner of War of another power is also a person who served in the Canadian Forces during military operations subsequent to World War I or II and who, while serving, was a prisoner of war of any power or was engaged in evading capture by or in escaping from any power; and a Canadian merchant navy veteran of the Korean War who was a prisoner of war of any power or was engaged in evading capture


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