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A nursing call to action / : Appel à l'action infirmière




Read a report Watch a video The health of our nation, the future of our health system 3 Message from the Commissioners The Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), the professional voice of Canada’s 268,500 registered nurses, plays a key role in developing policies and models of care to enhance the health of Canadians. [...] What is more, a country’s commitment to health is a measure of its wealth, success and status in the world.7 We need the finest health-care system in the world to attract and retain the best people, and to realize together all the benefits of living in a successful, productive, competitive society. [...] The health of our nation, the future of our health system 7 The Changing Demographics and Health of Canadians Canada’s population was 33.5 million in 2011.17 Our life expectancy is among the world’s highest and expected to grow.18 The population is aging steadily, with more than 4.7 million Canadians aged 65 and older — and 1.2 million of those over the age of 80.19 The number of people under the [...] The health of our nation, the future of our health system 9 Youth Social and economic factors, including a lack of parental and family support, poverty, unsafe neighbourhoods and lack of good schools can all contribute to poor health among the young.32 A poor start can affect a person’s entire life,33 limiting choices and opportunities and the capacity to make a successful transition to adulthood. [...] As a result, there is “variability in access to and provision of home-care services and differences in the use of and application of co-payments and user fees” that create inequities among Canadians.110 Commissioners call upon the federal government to make the development and funding of national home care a priority to be achieved by 2017.


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