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A National Anti-Poverty Plan for Canada




A human rights Using a human rights framework to address poverty approach understands that socio-economic deprivation in Canada is a legitimate approach in light of the occurs in large part because of the de-valuing of the fact that Canada has ratified a number of treaties rights of the most vulnerable leading to particular policy committing itself to ensuring the most disadvantaged and program ch [...] In keeping with the United Nations recommendations 2. To develop, adopt, and implement national to Canada on a number of occasions, the strategy legislation that clearly establishes the right to should include: secure, adequate, and affordable housing (similar to the 2013 proposed legislation, Bill C-400) a. Recognition of the right to adequate housing and the federal mandate to move forward in as [...] The Accord should include: includes a national campaign to combat stigma and discrimination, policies and programs that a. Recognition of the right to the enjoyment of the create greater access to needed mental health highest attainable standard of physical and mental and addictions supports for vulnerable individuals health as found in the International Covenant on and families, and tools for mon [...] Canada in 1976) and the values of the Canada Health Act where access to care is not based on 6. To fund, support, and encourage multi-lateral ability to pay or place of residence; collaborative ventures designed to improve the health and well-being of Inuit, First Nations, b. Measureable goals and timelines for and Métis peoples, working toward the goal of implementation of the Accord, and provisi


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