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A primary health care framework for New Brunswick : Cadre des soins de santé primaires pour le Nouveau-Brunswick




A Primary Health Care Framework for New Brunswick A Primary Health Care Framework for New Brunswick A Primary Health Care Framework for New Brunswick. [...] The vision, better health and better care with engaged individuals and communities, will be achieved through improved integration of existing services and infrastructure and the implementation of patient-centered primary health care teams working collaboratively together and with the regional health authorities in a shared accountability structure to meet the identified needs of communities. [...] The philosophy of primary health care places the emphasis of health care in the community, where primary health care providers support the continuum of care from cradle to grave. [...] The following is the Council’s recommendation on primary health care: “The Government of New Brunswick, through the Department of Health, review the organization and delivery of primary health care in the province with a view to maximizing the utilization of existing human and financial resources. [...] The vision for primary health care renewal in New Brunswick is based on the following three core attributes: • Patient-centered care; • Community-specific team-based care; and • Primary health care workers who feel valued and supported Patient-centered care Patient-centered care is a philosophy whereby the engagement of the patient in their health care decision-making is imperative and the patient


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