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It's a guy thing not to go to the doctor" : Young men's health consultation report




The purpose of the working group was to conduct a consultation process with community agencies and young men to better understand the underlying issues, gaps and barriers encountered by young men in accessing primary, sexual and reproductive health information and services in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). [...] The key informants identified the following important issues; the lack of specialized health services for men, a significant gap in sexual health services for heterosexual men; the perception that health care is not an issue; the fear, stigma and shame associated with sexual health issues; the impact of socialization, gender roles and stereotypes; the impact of homophobia; the lack of cultural com [...] The findings in this report provide concrete insight and evidence to the much needed development and expansion of health services and programming for young men as well as initiatives that address broader issues such as the social, political and environmental determinants that shape young men’s experience of health and the health system. [...] PPT envisions a young men’s health program that is an extension of our existing work with young women and not mutually exclusive to programming for young women but that also acknowledges and addresses the distinct needs, experiences and views of young men in relation to their health. [...] The goals of the working group are: 1. To engage in a consultation process with diverse men’s communities and agencies serving young men 2. To identify the primary, sexual and reproductive health needs of young men living in Toronto 3. To identify existing gaps and barriers in the health sector for young men 4. To identify new programming initiatives for young men at The House Community Health Cen


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