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Too cool for school too" : Il ne faut pas jouer au malin avec l'école... encore! : enquête sur la manière dont Cambrian College a administré son programme de gestion de l'information sur la santé et sur la surveillance exercée par le ministère de la Formation et des Collèges et Universités




The College’s advisory committee and board of governors had approved the program on the understanding that CHIMA recognition would be sought, and this was also what the College told the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities when it applied for funding approval for the program. [...] In accordance with the Ontario Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology Act, 2002, the College’s objects are: to offer a comprehensive program of career-oriented, post-secondary education and training to assist individuals in finding and keeping employment, to meet the needs of employers and the changing work environment and to support the economic and social development of … local and diverse comm [...] The ABCs of Program Development 36 According to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, the Ontario college system was established in 1965 to offer occupation-oriented programs designed to meet the needs of the local community. [...] In a presentation prepared for the meeting, the Co-ordinator noted under the title Stakeholders’ Recommendations that the proposed program should “be recognized by the Canadian Health Information Management Association (formerly Canadian Health Records Association) CHIMA.” 65 In support of the program, the Co-ordinator referred to the comments of other colleges operating CHIMA-recognized courses. [...] However, aside from confirming that a diploma would be the appropriate credential according to the program scope and ensuring that the title was consistent with other similar programs offered in the province, the Service did not concern itself with the quality of the curriculum or the issue of CHIMA recognition.



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