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A do not track list for Canada?




This report examines online behavioral targeted advertising and online behavioral tracking, the practice of tracking consumers' online activities to target advertising to individual consumers based on their online history, preferences and attributes. Marketers and businesses suggest that targeted advertising would benefit consumers in the form of more relevant advertisements and offers tailored to their interests and needs. Consumer advocates have voiced several concerns with the practice of online tracking, from privacy invasion and data collection practices to concerns with discriminatory advertisements and the potential to target vulnerable consumers. However, it has been difficult for consumers to voice their concerns with behavioural targeted advertising practices, as industry practices have often been conducted covertly with little or vague notice to consumers hidden in privacy policies or terms of use. As online behavioural targeted advertising becomes the ubiquitous industry standard, consumers are at the mercy of online advertisers with few options to control how their personal information is collected, used, disclosed and retained.



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