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The worst procurement in the history of Canada : Solving the maritime helicopter crisis




The report detailed how the Department of National Defence (DND) underestimated the cost and understated the risks involved.13 The Auditor General’s report also raised the question of whether a “low-cost procurement strategy is compatible with the acquisition of complex military equipment requiring significant develop- ment.”14 By “significant development,” the Attorney General was referring to th [...] Also not included are the costs of keeping the Sea King fleet operational during the interim, which were estimated to be upwards of $500 million in 2012.15 Nor does it include the cost of modifications to the landing platforms on Canada’s existing naval ships to accommodate the CH-148 Cyclone. [...] The characterization of the EH-101 by the Liberal opposition as the Cad- illac of maritime helicopters was an accurate analogy to the extent that it was larger and more powerful than the other candidates.33 However, the Liberals’ criticism focused on the $4.4 billion cost of the EH-101s during a time that called for fiscal restraint. [...] The other 13 will serve as support helicopters in the following roles: “3 for train- ing, 1 for flight-testing, 5 for scheduled maintenance, and 4 for attrition.”54 “The Worst Procurement in the History of Canada” 11 ch-148 Cyclone (Photo Department of National Defence) 6. Problems With the Civilian Version of the Cyclone The CH-148 Cyclone is based on a civilian variant, the Sikorsky S-92, which [...] Although the CH-148 Cyclone is the first military variant of the S-92, the Department of National Defence decided the development risk of the Cy- clone project was manageable.



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