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08 report on organized crime : Report on organized crime




This report, the only comprehensive overview of organized crime in Canada available to the public, highlights a variety of criminal markets and the threats they pose to communities across the country. [...] The 2008 Feature Focus on identity theft and identity fraud was selected due to the growing public and political concern over the security of personal information and its subsequent manipulation by organized crime for profi t. 2008 - ROC 12 Organized Crime CISC and its member agencies use the Criminal Code defi nition to identify and assess organized crime in Canada. [...] The following have been observed over several years and are considered to be mainstays of the Canadian organized crime marketplace: • The British Columbia lower mainland, southern Ontario and greater Montreal regions are the primary criminal hubs, with both the largest concentrations of criminal groups as well as the most active and dynamic criminal markets. [...] The illicit drug market remains the largest criminal market in terms of extent, scope, and the degree of involvement by the majority of organized crime groups. [...] The following methods of operation are typically used to gain a competitive advantage in the criminal marketplace: Violence and Intimidation Many organized crime groups use violence and intimidation either as part of their long-term strategic plans or in spontaneous acts of aggression.


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