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2007 survey of Canadian attitudes toward learning : Enquête de 2007 sur les attitudes des Canadiens à l'égard de l'apprentissage : résultats sur l'apprentissage aux niveaux primaire et secondaire




Effectiveness of homework A number of studies on the effectiveness of homework suggest that homework has positive effects on grades, test scores and attitudes toward formal learning.13,14,15,16 A number of studies on the effectiveness of homework suggest that students who are assigned homework outperform those who are not and that greater amounts of homework can lead to better academic outcomes.17 [...] Survey of Canadian Attitudes toward Learning, 2007 Perceptions about the amount of homework assigned Parents and non-parents express similar opinions about the appropriateness of the amount of homework assigned to students, although parents are somewhat more likely than non-parents to indicate that high-school students are not assigned enough homework. [...] According to one recent study,32 the number of tutoring companies grew between 200% and 500% in major Canadian cities during the 1990s.iii In this section, we explore the demographics of Canadians hiring the services of tutors for their children and their reasons for doing so. [...] The objective of immersion programs is to promote the acquisition of a second language by using it as the language of instruction rather than as the object of instruction. [...] These findings are consistent with enrolment data indicating that New Brunswick had one of the highest French-immersion enrolment rates in the country in 2005–2006 and British Columbia had one of the lowest.53 Figure 19 Proportion of parents of school aged children in each province whose children have ever been enrolled in a language-immersion program at the elementary or secondary school level 40


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