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4WX herring




Additional elements of the plan included length) dominated landings from the stock portion of a. mandatory dockside monitoring program for mobile the fishery in both number (39%) and weight (27%). [...] The highest landings (48,481t) concluded that while there were good signs of small fish, occurred in the summer purse seine fishery on the pre- particularly in the Long Island area, large fish were spawning and spawning aggregations off southwest Nova scarce. [...] Biological observations from each major segment of The move to in-season management improved the record the 1995 fishery were compared with historical patterns of information from the fishery. [...] Larval • Although spawning was documented at the Survey 400 80 appropriate times in most key spawning areas, the apparent lack of spawning in the Seal Island area is 300 60 of great concern. [...] This area has received a high proportion of the fishing effort in some recent years 200 40 and was expected to be one of the major spawning areas in 1995, but this did not occur.


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