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2015, advancing Canada's next generation of healthcare : Advancing Canada's next generation of healthcare




And like all other $100-billion-plus In the future, the need to coordinate and man- enterprises, Canada’s healthcare system needs to age information will become more crucial as: operate with a strong information infostructure to help ensure the delivery of quality care and • Patient consumerism continues to raise to effectively manage the system’s performance demand for transparency and timely del [...] These barriers are: electronic health record infostructure within the context of the broader health system demands • Inconsistent and sometimes insufficient and to identify the critical areas within that strat- commitments over time by federal and some egy where the continued development of a pan- provincial jurisdictions to fund the completion. [...] In addition, the state of the the execution of drug prescribing and reduce EHR infostructure in the jurisdictions will vary medical errors and adverse drug events. [...] This would include the key e-prescribing tools described in the foundational infostructure to track process and outcome elements, the data collection and research metrics (cost, quality, and access) as well analysis tools enabled by the foundational as resource management and purchasing elements, and the monitoring and reporting management tools.


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