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A review of cancer among shipyard workers : Revue des publications sur le cancer chez les travailleurs des chantiers maritimes




In the original plan of the review 15 occupational categories were identified and the following table summarises the likely cancer risks for each of those, plus other occupations identified during the review process. [...] The fume concentration in the breathing zone of the welder depends on many factors, e.g., type of base material, type and dimensions of the electrodes, current, construction of the blocks to be welded (e.g. [...] Over 98% of solar UVR exposure is in the form of UVA, whereas most of UVR is in the form of UVB and UVC in arc welding. [...] Due to the lack of exposure data and failure to adjust for major confounders such as smoking, the results of this study cannot be considered as more than a potential confirmation of the association of shipyard work with respiratory cancer. [...] The analysis of the 298 lung cancer cases, 32 cases of laryngeal cancer, 44 cases of bladder cancer, and 60 cases of pleural mesothelioma was extended to make some allowance for duration of exposure, with the conclusion that laryngeal and bladder cancer only reached significance after 40 years since first exposure and with a minimum of at least 25 years exposure.


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