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A portrait of sustainable crime prevention in selected Canadian communities




The exception to this approach has been the community barbecues, which all the partners attend as a means of increasing their profile in the community and getting to know the residents and their concerns. [...] While the group was in existence prior to this grant, the project funding allowed the group to call the initial community forum, establish an action plan and mobilize community support for the activities in the action plan. [...] The position of the coordinator of the group is critical for the long-term success and sustainability of this initiative. [...] The Sustainability Site Report: Community B 11 A Portrait of Sustainable Crime Prevention in Selected Canadian Communities – Volume 2 issue of whether the individual is known within the community and possesses the credibility is also a key to the success of the position. [...] This has legitimized the initiative in the community and forms the basis of the group’s appeals for community support and involvement.


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