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Community benefits agreements /




THE PROSPEROUS PROVINCE: STRATEGIES FOR BUILDING COMMUNITY WEALTH COMMUNITY BENEFITS AGREEMENTS ANDREW GALLEY THE PROSPEROUS PROVINCE: STRATEGIES FOR BUILDING COMMUNITY WEALTH Commissioned by the Atkinson Foundation, this report from the Mowat Centre is intended to support informed discussion and guide decision-making in the emerging field of community wealth-building. [...] The framework is a first for Ontario and is bolstered by significant signs of support for this strategy in provincial government policy, starting with the 2014 budget’s infrastructure pledges and more recently the inclusion of community benefits in the passage of Bill 6: Infrastructure for Jobs and Prosperity Act. [...] CBAs are represented by legally binding contracts that contain the following elements: • Description of the parties involved; • Description of the project affected by the agreement; • List of the agreed-to commitments on the part of the developer; and, • I n the U. S., a clause pledging the coalition to not oppose (and generally to actively support) the completion of the project. [...] In exchange for the developer making a commitment to the delivery of particular benefits, the coalition often pledges to support the approval of the development. [...] Following the success in Los Angeles, the CBA model has been employed in other cities and adapted to their particular circumstances: • I n Milwaukee, the land to be developed had several public and private owners, and there was no one developer with which to negotiate.25 In 12 THE PROSPEROUS PROVINCE: STRATEGIES FOR BUILDING COMMUNITY WEALTH response, the coalition campaigned to have the county go

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