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2009-2010 evaluation of the Security Infrastructure Program (Pilot) : Évaluation 2009-2010 du Programme pilote de financement des projets d'infrastructure de sécurité pour les collectivités à risque : rapport final




Why it is important The Security Infrastructure Program is a relevant program insofar as it serves the crime prevention priority of the Government of Canada and responds directly to the mandate of the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness. [...] The gathering and analysis of the following information is recommended: • score each request in terms of the urgency and risks for the provision of security infrastructure; and, • include location of hate crimes cited as evidence of the risk associated with the location to be security enhanced. [...] The first two are to be achieved by means of increased awareness of the existence of the Program and the use of the Program. [...] The theory is that increase in the knowledge of what works to increase physical security will improve the understanding of the links between security measures and the prevention of hate-motivated crime. [...] The Evaluation Reports needed to include information regarding how the project contributed to reducing the number of incidents and to increasing the sense of security and well-being amongst staff.


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