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A roof over our heads 2008




The mission of the Urban Development Institute Alberta is to act as the ambassador for the development industry with the Government of Alberta and its people and to work together as stewards of the land to create sustainable, vibrant communities for all Albertans. [...] In the 1970s, the federal government brought in a number of reforms that made the tax Another area of concern highlighted by this report treatment of rental properties less favourable for is the disconnect between affordable housing and investors. [...] Other Recent Housing Initiatives Although the AHI represented a substantial re-entrance In December 2006, the federal government revamped of the federal government into the housing sphere, it has the National Homelessness Initiative, renaming it the been criticized. [...] With the of existing social housing—$1.1 billion through the social introduction of the federal Affordable Housing Initiative and the housing transfer agreements, and $600 million through Affordable Housing Trusts, many provinces have begun taking previous agreements with those provinces yet to negotiate new a stronger role in the development of affordable housing over agreements. [...] Total Provincial Housing Expenditures, 1989-2008 Conclusion After deciding to get out of housing in the mid-1990s, the federal government reversed course in the 21st century: the NHI (now HPS), RRAP, AHI, Affordable Housing Trusts, and First Nations Fund are all indicative of a federal government willing to play a role in housing.



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