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A holistic framework for Aboriginal policy research




Specialists in the field anonymously review each paper and provide comments on: • the accuracy, completeness and timeliness of the information presented; • the extent to which the methodology used and the data collected support the analysis and recommendations; and • the original contribution the report would make to existing work on this subject, and its usefulness to equality-seeking organizatio [...] This interpretation of the role of women in society re-positions the concept of “gender-based” policy and expands the realm of responsibility and action for Aboriginal women. [...] The key to policy success can be measured by the degree to which policy design and implementation conforms to this epistemology and the degree to which culturally appropriate research practices are used in the process of the scholarship of discovery to these means and ends. [...] In general, a framework for holistic research would include: • honouring past, present and future in interpretive and analytical research processes including historical references and intergenerational discourse; • honoring the interconnectedness of all of life and the multi-dimensional aspects of life on the Earth and in the community in research design and implementation; and • honouring the spi [...] It is the responsibility of the researcher to undertake preliminary research about the community, the people, the history and the culture of the community in which the research will be conducted before the onset of research activities.



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