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Sponsorship is a cash or in-kind fee paid the recruitment of new drinkers, reduce heavy drinking, in exchange for an association with the values and protect children and youth,46 reduce harms47 and create positive attributes of the event, facility or group being a more balanced depiction of the role of alcohol in our sponsored. [...] Springhill MAP 2014 Municipal Alcohol Policies for a Balanced and Vibrant Future 12 Enjoyable and Safe Neighbourhoods POLICY OPTION TWO Through policy and by-laws, municipalities can enhance establishments require that food be served when the enjoyment and safety of neighbourhoods and ordering alcohol (this is a reasonable restriction and improve the overall attractiveness, reputation and is suppo [...] Ensure alcohol and substance use issues The policy would include such elements as: are dealt with as health and wellness issues (ensure employees are directed to appropriate • establishing and communicating the supports and receive the needed assistance to municipality’s position on the use of alcohol address their issues), and not dealt with solely in the workplace during work hours and in a disc [...] The LCA is the responsibility of the Nova Scotia Department of Finance and is administered through the Alcohol, Gaming, Fuel and Tobacco Division (AGFT) of Service Nova Scotia (SNS) and the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC). [...] This includes the issuing of permits for the dispensing or retail sale of beer, liquor or wine; regulating the delivery and transportation of alcohol; the definition and operations of retail outlets.

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